About burren farm experience

Visit an authentic Irish beef farm set on nearly 500 acres in the heart of the Burren amidst dramatic geological landscapes, fascinating archaeological sites and unique habitats. There is so much to explore!

The O’Rourke family’s beef farm is a best practice example of traditional farming methods that have helped shape and conserve the Burren landscape for centuries. Hop aboard the farm’s tractor-trailer with comfy straw bales for a guided tour through mixed species grassland, deciduous woodland, hazel scrub and glacio-karst limestone pavement, famous for the arctic-alpine and Mediterranean plants living uniquely side by side. Discover how a real Irish farm works and learn about the ancient practice of transhumance – winter grazing – on the rough limestone grasslands and heaths, a vital component of region’s health and biodiversity.

Discover the region’s breath-taking beauty by foot with five, eight and ten kilometre guided walks through National Park, glimpsing Mullaghmore from height and arriving at the glistening fresh water lake, Lough Bunny. Discover the history of the land, its captivating ancient monuments, and the link between the region’s archaeological and geological heritage and the work of generations of farmers.

The crisp, clean Burren air can sure work up an appetite! Soak up the scenery and rest a while after the farm tour with a rustic picnic, or enjoy fresh local produce on our Food Trails with organic vegetables, locally sourced cheeses and wild oysters and scallops. A feast for the senses in every way imaginable!

Enliven your senses and find your inner calm to boost wellness and a positive mindset. Indulge in outdoor yoga practice with experienced instructors, rest atop the restorative limestone pavement and experience the tranquillity of forest bathing in ancient woodland exclusive to the region. Connect with nature and the seasons for the ultimate rejuvenation.

  1. The old farm house:

explore the original farm house and its fascinating features, and see how Irish people used to live.

  1. Famine Village

Survey the pre-famine settlement where inhabitants lived on rockier ground, leaving the more fertile land available for farming.

  1. Round Field (Cashel)

An ancient, ring fort designed for defensive purposes, enabling the period Chieftain to stoically  guard his stock from invading hoards and wild animals.

  1. Shantaghphubble Chapel:

Be transfixed by what remains of County Clare’s first thatched chapel, burned to the ground almost 200 years ago.  

  1. Cart Road:

This pre-famine era, rough, stony road linked the ancient village of Aughrim to the local area. Commonly used by local people to transport goods by horses and cart.  

  1. Limestone Yoga

Enjoy a replenishing yoga session overlooking the lake with the vast limestone pavement underfoot which retains natural heat and naturally recharges the mind and body.  

  1. Lough Bunny:

make a splash in this pure, freshwater lake fed by local springs. It is central to a unique karstic wetland system that provides food and shelter for a variety of animal species and plays an important role in reducing the impact of climate change.

  1. Limestone pavement:

discover the breath-taking, lunar-like landscape formed over millions of years, with its deep, craggy fissures and soft lilac hue in the evening light.

  1. Flora and fauna:

soak up the energising fragrance of the woods, listen to the sound of birds and animals and delight in the rare species of orchid and other plant life that give this special conservation area its reputation for extraordinary biodiversity.

  1. Ancient forest:

immerse yourself in the serene beauty of natural woodlands brimming with hazelnuts, wild garlic, vetch (Poor Man’s Peas) and juicy sloe and black berries.

  1. Turlough:

A fascinating disappearing lake at the base of Mullaghmore where the water rises with seasonal rainfall and drains away into the cavernous limestone beneath. Ideal for paddle boarding and canoeing activities.

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If you are not part of a group you can book a tour as an individual or as a family Monday-Friday online.