How to add a post or latest news item


  1. From The WordPress Dashboard Click on Add Post on the right hand side. Posts > Add New
  2. Fill in the Post title
  3. Upload a feature image (on the right hand side)
    Image Size 1080px X 675px
  4. Click on upload files top left then select file
  5. Further down on the right hand side in the Divi Page Settings select hide the post title
  6. Click the Use Divi Builder Button  under the page title
  7. Click on Chose Premade Layouts (middle box)
  8. Click on Your Saved Layouts
  9. Click on Latest News Template
  10. After the Template is loaded edit the text content under the title by clicking on the grey gear (cog) icon surrounding the box.
  11. Once you are happy with the content click on the green arrow on the bottom right of the box.
  12. Click on ‘Publish’ (the green button)on the bottom right
  13. Click on Edit Page on the top black bar
  14. On the bottom right of the page in the section Divi Page Settings make page layout fullwidth.
  15. Click update (blue button) on the top right of the page.
  16. If you want to share this post on social media I would also advise clicking ‘Edit snippet’ on the Yeost settings on the left hand side under the purple ‘Edit with Divi’ button.