Burren Premium Beef 20Kg Box


Our premium beef is all grass fed Hereford /Anugus and hung for up to 21 days.

All our meat boxes are priced to offer value and variation of cuts.

Each box contains a selection of cuts, both premium and household. This type of mixing gives great value in our boxes. It also means that the farm supplier gets a good return from an entire animal. We  don’t have a high price for premium cuts or a low price for lesser cuts. We believe all meat is made equal and we reflect this in our meat boxes.

20kg box can contain two/three larger roasts, a few kilos of diced meat a mixture of some steaks or mince. This amount of meat will take up about two shelf in a standard freezer.

Mince and diced meat (are packed as 1kg)

Please be aware that your order will arrive fresh and requires refrigeration or freezing immediately.

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2 reviews for Burren Premium Beef 20Kg Box

  1. Jurgen

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    Sticк ᴡith it!

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    • Burren Farm Experience O’ROurke

      thank you

  2. Brian O’Donoghue

    So tasty and tender.

    • Burren Farm Experience O’ROurke

      Thank you for your feedback Brian.

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